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‘Collarboning’ Is The New Way Celebs Wear Coats So We Know How Thin They Are

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What A Vegan Chef Eats In A Week, According To The Founder Of By Chloe

Chloe Coscarelli is a busy lady. When she’s not creating food for By Chloe, her restaurant, the vegan chef is releasing cookbooks. Even if you haven’t been eating Chef Chloe’s food, you may have seen her on Food Network. In 2010, the 22-year-old chef became the first vegan champion of a TV food competition when she scored the win during “Cupcake Wars.”.
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Kim K Can’t Get Over This Mask That Gives You Fuller Lips In 20 Minutes

I’m a sucker for a fad, particularly one that sneaks its way into the Kardashians‘ 9-to-5 lifestyles. In my life, K-beauty is more likely to stand for “Kardashian” than “Korean.”. Normally, I’d pretend to apologize for that, but not today. Today, we’re talking about the greatest invention of all time: the temporary, collagen-infused lip mask.
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130,000 Women Are Obsessed With This Mascara, And We’re Not Surprised

Some women dream about getting married, starting families and beginning businesses. Most of the time, I fantasize about finally buying the perfect mascara. A mascara that’s, you know, better than sex. Surely, I’m not the only one with big mascara dreams. It’ll be inky black without leaving smudges everywhere and lengthening without clumping my lashes into those weird, spider leg-like chunks.
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This Makeup Designed For The Gym By Pro Athletes Passed My Ultimate Sweat Test

I was mid-plank when it hit me: I brought this all on myself. Me, and my debilitating weakness for beautifully packaged cosmetics. It was a Monday morning. I was face down, ass up on a mat in the middle of a grueling workout from celeb trainer Nicole Winhoffer. The goal was to try and sweat so hard my makeup would run off, the exact opposite of what I normally aim for during exercise classes.
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I Got Fitted For A Bra By The Queen’s Favorite Store And My Mind Was Blown

At any given time, there are at least six places on my body that feel uncomfortable. Being a woman means suffering from panty lines or visible bra straps at all times, not to mention the one underwire poking out from a favorite bra. Instead of being safely covered by padding, it’s trying to find a home somewhere deep between two ribs.
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How To Take Your Big Boobs Braless This Summer Without Flashing Anybody

Maybe it’s the sweltering summer heat (shout out to the A train, which only sometimes has air conditioning) or the recent emphasis on body positivity, but I’m feeling like it’s time to wear less than ever before. That’s right, my DDs and Cs and Es, this is the time to let your girls swing freely. Assuming you can actually unclasp your bra without cracking your vertebral column, summer is the most accommodating time to embrace the natural shape of your breasts.
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I Want Your Job: Tyler Haney, Founder And CEO Of Outdoor Voices

Tyler Haney is Miss American Dream: a blonde-haired Boulder native who somehow manages to remain fresh-faced and earnest while building a business empire. She’s the brains behind Outdoor Voices, a sleek line of activewear named for the voice you’re not supposed to use in grade school classrooms. You probably already know the aesthetic, even if you don’t recognize the brand name: monotone crop tops and leggings, modeled by the coolest women on your Instagram feed.
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How This 23-Year-Old Turned Her Breakup Into A Girl Power Streetwear Brand

When college romances end, most of us just blow that month’s money on ice cream and tickets to see terrible romantic comedies. Leah Kirsch, however, isn’t your average sob story. Instead of pining over a lost love with whom she’d shared a self-described “good relationship,” Kirsch buckled down on her dreams.
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You Can Actually Get A Facial For Your Butt, And It's Incredible

During the long hours of a photo shoot I ran recently, I made casual conversation with the makeup artist as she used precision tweezers to delicately dot the model’s lips with Swarovski crystals. When asked what her most popular makeup looks were, she said her clients all want to feel glamorous like Kim Kardashian.
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7 Questions About Menstrual Cups You’re Too Grossed Out To Ask

Are you gagging yet? If so, you’re approaching the whole issue the wrong way. A little under two years ago, I purchased my first menstrual cup after months of hesitation. Bleached tampons drag and scratch, not to mention filling up trash heaps, and pads are too filthy even to mention. Instead of hurting me, this silicon space-age cup was the answer to my prayers.
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You Can Actually Lighten Dark Armpit Skin Using A Potato

They’re odorous, stubbly and downright embarrassing, especially if you have extra-dark skin in that area. Like the shy girl at a middle school swim party, we cover up our pits with t-shirts so people can’t see our ingrown hairs and discolored skin. There’s no equivalent of a pedicure for armpits, so we shave and wear too-tight turtlenecks.
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